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Unique in style and approach we are one of the best among the private investigators in Sri Lanka

We are known as IIN shortened for International Investigators Network Private Limited, where we have filled the much needed requirement for Private Detectives in Sri Lanka establishing ourselves in the field of professional in the year 2002 to meet the growing demands of the majority. Though we officially came under the name board of IIN in 2002, we were still an active body among the few of the private investigators in Sri Lanka by being the investigation arm of Vigilant Security & Investigation Services (Pvt) Ltd who is also one of the pioneering Private Detectives in Sri Lanka having established itself in 1973.


   We being one of the finest Private Investigators in Sri Lanka are privileged to assist you with the following services;
  • Investigations
  • Surveillance
  • Intelligence Gathering

We stretch ourselves to offer the above services to any part of Sri Lanka by being true to the classification of one of the best private detectives in Sri Lanka. Since crime is not centred to one part but to the whole world, we have reached detective eyes beyond the seas partnering up with investigators across the globe with strong links in Asia Pacific and Middle East Regions.

We have provided our intelligence and sharp focused view towards many crimes arisen in highly recognised insurance companies, law firms, high profiled Blue Chip private sector companies, small and medium businesses and private clients. Due to the great results achieved; the professional approach in delivering the job are the key reasons for majority of our clients to approach us. From the 1st encounter they become our regulars, and they recommend us to the inexperienced, who needs professional investigative assistance from one of the most trusted private Investigators in Sri Lanka. Not only the above mentioned clients use our talents but Investigation companies from United States, Europe and the Asian Region use our services on regular basis for projects or cases concerning Sri Lanka.

Our investigators/detectives are well trained, well informed and well balanced in order to carry out investigative missions in a smooth manner. We are a professional body that does not let go of the basics which are integrity, Impartiality, confidentiality and Commitment that have paved our path for being one the most sought after Private detectives in Sri Lanka, and we always strive to keep on building that until we reach our vision to be one of the globally acclaimed professional detective body, making a huge impact on the ever increasing negativity across the globe.



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