Protection is always better than dealing with consequences. This is the philosophy that has guided the International Investigators Network (Pvt) Ltd (IIN) since its inception in 2002. While IIN was previously the designated investigation arm of Vigilant Security & Investigation Services (Pvt) Ltd., a pioneer in industrial security established in 1973, having identified the gap in the investigation sector in the island, IIN was formed as an independent unit. 

Though based in the heart of Colombo, the investigative services of IIN are offered throughout the island and beyond through the company’s extensive network of partner investigators across the globe. 

Driven by a team of field agents including high ranking ex-Police officers, National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) and Criminal Investigation Division (CID) personnel, our investigators are trained and well informed. Some of the key values that guide our investigators are their integrity, impartiality and commitment to the job. Upon request and the complexity of the case, IIN also reaches out to trained consultants to carry out investigations.

Over the years, the International Investigators Network has accumulated a loyal client base including leading insurance companies, law firms, blue-chip companies, medium to small scale businesses and private clients as a result of the company’s ability to solve investigations efficiently while maintaining anonymity, confidentiality and quick turnaround times. Moreover, investigation companies from the US, Europe and Asian regions select IIN as their trusted investigation partner for scrutinising, fact-finding and inspection.

We are ISO 9001:2015 certified.