Confidential third-party investigations conducted on behalf of insurance companies both locally and internationally.

We conduct confidential investigations on behalf of insurance companies both locally and internationally to legitimise questionable claims. All insurance investigations are discreet and 100% confidential. We have successfully verified the legitimacy of claims, identifying fraudulent claims to provide better risk management services to our clients. A few of our specific insurance investigation services include:

  • Travel insurance claim investigations

    We have many years experience in investigating travel-related insurance claims including major accidents, medical emergencies, loss of property, death verification etc.

  • Motor vehicle/accident claim investigations

    Was the driver intoxicated during the time of the accident? Was there a driver substitution? Was the house that caught fire actually a result of an electrical shortage? Our team of investigators are trained to detect fraud and malpractice caused during accidents and insurance claims.

  • Medical insurance claim investigations

    We conduct investigations pertaining to medical insurance claims in the instance of fraudulent or questionable circumstances. We go into details including the requirement of treatment, legitimacy of the hospital, the authenticity of bills produced and perform a comparison of costs etc to enable insurance companies to reduce their risk.